Examples of Project Experience

ALLC’s experience is characterized first and foremost by an uncompromising commitment to services of the highest quality and integrity, and the determination and expertise to ensure that these services have a positive impact in the classroom and society.  Furthermore, in implementing projects across Lebanon, ALLC built strong trusting relationships with all stakeholders and demonstrated a unique ability to operate in all regions, within challenging contexts, and still deliver on time, within budget and having achieved the overall goals.


Language Courses for Syrian Refugee Children Arcenciel – Catholic Relief Services – USAID
English language and computer skills training to a group of individuals with disabilities (including blind and deaf)
Women in IT (WIT)/ Middle East Partnership Initiative of the U.S. Department of State (MEPI) – Business English training for beneficiaries of the Women in Technology program
Project Title   Description of Activities  Scale  Location 
 1  Developing Assistance to Schools and Teacher Improvement II

 English language training for 2500 public school teachers teaching English, maths or science in English.
*originally contracted for 1500 teachers – received an extension for an additional 1000 teachers after project start.

2500 teachers
(approximately 1500 at once)
19 locations across all Lebanese mohafazas
 2 English Language Courses for Syrian Young Adults English language courses for 200 Syrian refugees ages 17-30 years old., Sparks; Courses are delivered in Sin El Fil, Saida, Tyre and Baalbeck   200 young adults
Ages 17-30 years 
4 locations
Sin El Fil, Saida, Tyre, Baalbeck 
    Don Bosco Cultural Center-English and computer courses for 200 young adults in the Kehale and surrounding communities in order to improve their chance of employability– a private capacity development initiative     
 3 Institutional Capacity Building
(under Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development project )
Customized proposal development, project implementation and project management training to 20 institutions across Lebanon, in order to make them more effective value-chain partners and develop the skills needed for sustainability.   20 institutions  6 locations across Lebanon
 4 Literacy and introduction to English or French language for 1000 school-aged children to help integrate them into Lebanese public schools.  1000 children
ages 6-14 years 
Beirut, South Lebanon, Bekaa  
Training Education Staff on Classroom Observation The focus of the training was on observation and feedback skills to improve participants’ ability to observe classes and give feedback to teachers working on the Save-funded ALP classes for Syrian refugee children  30 education staff  Beirut 
 6 English Language Remedial Classes for Syrian Refugee Children in Bekaa  English language remedial classes to Syrian refugee students struggling in Lebanese public school due to the language barrier  144 children
Ages 10-14 years 
Majd el Anjar public school, Bekaa 
 7 Teacher Training for “ALP” teachers
(ALP here refers to a draft Accelerated Learning Program shared through UNICEF which was used to prepare displaced Syrian children to enter Lebanese public schools)
Teachers were trained on learner-centered teaching, learner styles, mixed-level classes, self-reflection, games and activities for teaching and classroom management in order to improve the learning environment in “ALP” classrooms.
The training was delivered in English for English teachers and in Arabic for Arabic and French teachers.
110 teachers teaching “ALP”  Zahle 
 8 Developing Assistance to Schools and Teacher Improvement I
Test of English Teacher Proficiency – Administered Cambridge BULATS exams to approximately 4500 public school teachers all over Lebanon, providing a first-ever baseline for planning critical teacher support interventions in Lebanon. 
4500 teachers
Various Kadaa in all the Lebanese mohafazas: Beirut, South Lebanon, Nabatieh, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon, North
 9 Summer Camp for Palestinian Children at Risk of Dropping Out English Summer Learning Camp for 100 UNRWA School Children who were borderline school dropouts due to lack of acquired English language skills in an English school 100 children  Saida
    Arcenciel – Catholic Relief Services – USAID
English language and computer skills training to a group of individuals with disabilities (including blind and deaf)
    – Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYAC) – English language and MS Excel courses as part of the continuous development program    
    Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) – English language training for Sudanese refugees    
  Improvement of Quality of Primary and Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Adult Literacy in the Middle East FPSC-funded project (Spanish government), in collaboration with the Association for the Development of Rural Capacities (ADR) –- English, computer and vocational (Accounting, Secretarial Skills, Software Development & Travel and Tourism) courses to youths    
    GTZ – ICT and English language courses for Lebanese Army Officers    
  Capacity Building for Small Agro-tourism Business CCFD/ SEAL – funded project, in collaboration with ADR – customized English language courses    
  Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Former Detainees in South Lebanon UNDP project, in collaboration with ADR –– English language and computer courses to 1000 beneficiaries 1000 beneficiaries  


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